Who we are ?

C Marketing LTD is an investment company focused on outsourcing services for different companies by providing job possibilities in countries which are under development process like Kosovo, Albania, Tunisia etc.

We are keen to offer a very friendly environment job possibilities and career orientation for young, talented and eager to learn people. Our recent employee are hard working energetic persons, giving their maximum in work and putting all their ideas together to develop in the same way as company does. We are growing together, knowing only success in every single project we did and are doing.

C Marketing use the most innovated technology to combine great minds with advanced software for the high end service.
Being motivated every working day, it helped us as a team to not face any delay on delivering perfect services as well as making the work environment very comfortable and relaxed.

We are like a Family, a family which is growing day by day.

What we do ?

C Marketing LTD is 100% focused on outsourcing other companies in need of low cost high standard services.


Operating as a business, C Marketing LTD is getting bigger, raising the company and profits by creating a huge impact in society. Our job creating focus is making a big change in people’s lives. We are proud we did something and we are pushing to more give our best to increase employment and decrease unemployment rate in the mentioned countries and territories.

Adding the other businesses in the group, giving life to new innovative ideas and plans, makes us just the original who we are, the young motivated team, eager to succeed.