Our Services

Our Services?

Our services are ranking in different fields, some of them are: 

Inbound Call Center

·        We offer a highly professional team for certain projects to take care of your customers at any time of the day, any day of the week. We always make sure that no single customer can be let without being highly satisfied from the service provided, either as normal customer service issue or the very worst case where a customer can be angry for any misinformation or problem he may have for your company. The team specialized in customer services, is highly concentrated in understanding and delivering the services and are known as people with problem solving skills.

·        If your company is having trouble in sales, need an more advanced marketing of your products and/or services, we have the perfect solution. Comparing to Inbound call center team, the Outbound call center team is full of sales oriented people. They believe that their job is 20% Information, and 80% creativity and customer relationship they are able to create with the leads they will deal with. We are so sure that with this group of team we can boost your company’s profits and number of satisfied customers in a very short time frame.

Outbound Call Center

CRM and other Platforms

·        IT and its products, most needed in recent years, its growing and being a Must in every business. There are out there many offers for any kind of services, yet too expensive. The whole expensiveness comes because of the high cost on the production places and the highly paid engineers and software developers.
Our IT team, the very professional group of young people, is so productive and creative. They always know everything, and they always can create whatever you need, the way you want, within the most efficient time and cost.
We are able to create CRMs the way you need, at a very affordable price as well as giving the possibility for you to rent our actual ones.
We are able to make it ready any business platform you may need. 

      ·      The very new added service is the VoIP reselling and supporting all the IT services in the needed system for your company to have low cost calls in a great quality routes. 

VoIP Reselling and routing

Outsourcing engineer projects

·        Yet to develop is the outsourcing project in Architecture, Interior Design and Civil engineering… waiting for collaborators to start it up.